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Explanatory note to the diploma project "Comparison of single-mass characteristics of micromechanical gyroscopes RR and LL types" is 66 pages of text, 19 illustrations, 4 tables, 18 references.

Micromechanical gyroscopes (MMG) is an electro-mechanical systems, in which the energy of forced oscillation of the primary inertial mass (MI) on an elastic suspension when a portable angular velocity is converted into the energy of the secondary oscillations, which contain information about the measured angular velocity. This conversion is performed on a result of the Coriolis forces of inertia MI in rotation with a portable MI angular velocity vector of which is perpendicular to the translational momentum MI primary oscillations.

The purpose of the project - a comparative analysis of the basic characteristics of single-mass micromechanical gyroscopes RR and LL types.

The result of this work -To achieve the goal

  1. The analysis of the current state of micromechanical sensors
  2. To elect two basic designs of gyroscopes on the basis of which was the comparative analysis.
  3. On the basis of mathematical models constructed of two types of motion gyroscopes, it was found from the basic parameters which depend on their characteristics such as transmission rate, the threshold of sensitivity, resolution.
  4. The calculation of the elastic stiffness characteristics of single-mass suspensions MMG, the main factors affecting the accuracy characteristics of micromechanical gyroscopes.
  5. Calculated basic characteristics and comparative analysis of the main technical characteristics of single-mass micromechanical gyroscopes RR and LL types.

Explanatory message to the DP "Executive components  microsatellite management system" is 60 pages of text, 15 illustrations, 2 tables, 1 block and 1 functional circuit.

The purpose and importance of the subject. The theme of the thesis "actuator control system microsatellites." Microsatellites, relevant because, through them, the development of space research will be not so expensive. Management angular movement microsatellite - the most difficult and responsible part of the onboard equipment. In this paper determined performance microsatellite "KPI" using the system control unit - executive elements microsatellites for orientation in space, the simulation of the control system and algorithm of its work.

Explanatory note to the DP " Channel air system pressure measurement for air signals" is 60 pages of text, 4 tables, 12 bibliographical references.

The purpose of the project - development of channel measurement system air pressure air signals. The review and selection of analogue prototype system frequency signals and air pressure sensors, calculations the main functional blocks, which includes in air data system. The main constructive moments is considered, took calculations, which confirm functionality of measuring converter.

Developed pressure sensor, which can measure the input pressure measured with high accuracy. Analysis of system reliability, which showed that the main element that ensures the reliability is pressure sensor.

Keywords: frequency pressure sensor, prototype, operating time to failure, the system of air signals.

The aim of the project - studying the work algorithm of automatic control system (ACS) for returning the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to the start point in case of absence the satellite navigation system (SNS) signal.

The result of this work - studying and analysis of modern control systems. The development of ACS block diagram using aerometric navigation system and magnetometric UAV orientation system. Claim submission to the aerometric system and magnetometric system. On the basis of all obtained data will be able to choose controller to implement created algorithm.

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