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The explanatory note to the degree project "A method and means of determination as a part of the terrestrial robot of distance to a plane object" makes 51 pages of the text, 19 illustrations, 2 tables, 13 bibliographic links.

Project objective - to develop system of independent navigation indoors and to choose means for its implementation.

The used following methods: the range sensing method to an object according to the image by means of a stereovision scanning a laser ranging sensor (system a lidar)

Keywords: laser range finder, software, scanning, Arduino UNO board, program code.

Explanatory note to the diploma "Attitude control systems of microsatellites" includes: 101 page, 50 figures, 8 tables, 26 sources used, 5 applications.

The goal of the project is the formulation of requirements for the attitude control system of microsatellites, as the main requirement of the control system of 

the microsatelites is to ensure high reliability. For the realization of the goal of 

further study of control system of microsatellites, forming and enforcing the 

requirements of onboard control systems. Carried out a study of the methods of creation of cartographic databases, review systems orientation. In the course of the diploma considered the following points of technical tasks:

◊ Analysis of existing control systems of satellites;
◊ Study of control systems of microsatellites;
◊ Analysis of mathematical model of movement of MS for the purpose of selection and analysis of the SOS;
◊ Methods get the satellite map data;
◊ Section on labour protection;
◊ Preparation of graphical material;
◊ Writing an explanatory note.

The result of the performed work is to ensure and support the desired orientation of the artificial satellites, developed the algorithm of orientation.
Keywords: microsatellite, control system, a system of targeting satellites image processing, Kalman filter.

Explanatory note to the Bachelor’s work with "Stand calibration of ADIS micromechanical inertial measurement unit using tilter" topic consists of _ pages of text, __illustrations, _ spreadsheet applications, __ citations.

Work’s purpose is to develop a method with stand for calibration of micromechanical inertial measurement unit (IMU), in which the following parameters of it’s identified metrological model (MM) are obtained: offset (bias), conversion (scale) factors and cross-axis sensitivity factors of each integrated sensor, such as three micromechanical gyroscopes and three micromechanical accelerometers, that measure projections of imaginary acceleration and absolute angular velocity respectively, influencing on their measuring axis.

Work’s results are: review of available at the time literature on IMU, accelerometers and gyroscopes with methods of  their calibration, as the consequence of which was formed formulation of the problem with developing a new method. Executed parts of it include: a description of IMU’s MM with the definition of all calibrated parameters; mathematical models and methods of determining these parameters on acceleration and angular velocity channels; developing stand equipment for calibration by proposed method with the presentation of it’s requirements according to task limitations; and experimental studies with IMU samples on developed stands, confirming the usefulness of the proposed method.

Explanatory note to the degree project "Block diagram, software and configuration of hexacopter autopilot" is  pages of text,  illustrations,  tables,  bibliographic references.

The purpose of the project - to describe the algorithm autopilot Arduino Mega Pilot 2.6 hon hexacopter’s  board, to set up and improve a software Arduino Mega Pilot 2.6 for solving the problem on the flight points.

Used the following methods:.

Keywords: autopilot, Arduino Mega Pilot 2.6, Arduino, hexacopter.

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