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Annotation to the degree project of the student Melashenko

Explanatory note to the diploma project "Quadrotor of increased reliability, continuing flight during the failure of propeller-driven group" consists of pages of text, illustrations, tables, bibliographic references.


The aim of the project is to increase the functional reliability of the quadrotor with the refusal of one or two propeller-driven group (PDG).


The following methods are used: redundancy. A way to increase the functional reliability of technical objects and systems software reserve, a method of mathematical modeling. The mathematical model of motion of the quadrotor, as well as the dynamics equation, is supplemented with the forces of aerodynamic resistance. An algorithm for the transition of a quadrotor model from four PDG to two with the refusal of one PDG was developed. The obtained results allow the refusal of one or two PDG to stabilize and extend the flight of the quadrotor for its trouble-free landing.


Key words: reliability, quadrotor, propeller-driven group, flight crash.

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