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Annotation on the master dissertation of the student Budim

Master's thesis is "method of analysis of reliability of the system of air signals based on frequency pressure sensors".

The system of air signals (SAS) is intended for the issue of main aerobatic information on indicators of instrumentation in the cockpit and on-board systems.

Under the reliability of SPS we understand property systems remain operational continuously for a certain time or a certain operating time. This feature is especially important for objects, refusal to work is related to danger to life. In many technical systems determining parameter (DP), which dominates as the "weakest link" in terms of parametric reliability, that is a quantitative measure of quality, has the ability to change over time and beyond the permissible limits. In the SAS at the frequency of air pressure sensors DP is such a frequency output sensors.

The relevance of the study is that the method allows to find time to failure SAS, which will allow for practice time to prevent rejection, as well as control the frequency-dependent system, spending adjustments or changing operating conditions of the system.

The goal of research is to develop a method for the analysis of parametric reliability of SAS frequency pressure sensors to improve the economic efficiency of the known methods of reliability analysis.

Object is a parametric reliability SPS.

The subject is research a system of air signals based on frequency pressure sensors.

The novelty of the method is that instead of the number of the objects used for the first time the number of intervals of one research facility, which greatly improves the cost-effectiveness of the method.

Practical application of the method is that having information about the real meaning of time to reach DP limit the design phase of SAS frequency pressure sensors can determine experimentally and analytically calculate parametric indicators of reliability of the system, that make a reasonable forecast of future performance.

Keywords: system of air signals, frequency pressure sensor, parametric reliability, determining parameters, time to failure, performance.

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