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Annotation on the master dissertation of the student Hotab

Master's thesis is devoted to research of methods used to solve the problem of positioning in GPS satellite navigation system and improve the accuracy of the coordinates by applying robust algorithms.

The relevance of this work confirmed by continued growth of GPS applications in everyday life.

The purpose of the master's thesis is to study the positioning accuracy depending on the selected method of calculation and building effective robust algorithm for determining location based on free access code.

The first part of the thesis is devoted to analysis of robust algorithms and algorithms used in known GPS receivers.

In the second part, there shows a block diagram of the structure of GPS receiver. Physical models of external disturbing factors, that influence the measured pseudorange has been analyzed.

There is a detailed description of developed robust algorithm of positioning in the third part of the master's thesis.

The fifth section is devoted to the research results and recommendations for its use.

To achieve this goal settled the following tasks: analysis of statistical characteristics of physical models of disturbances that takes into account during construction of positioning algorithms; the existing algorithms of coordinates determining have been compared and analyzed the methods robust estimation; robust positioning algorithm has been developed and conducted its modeling.

Keywords: satellite navigation system, methods of solution, robustness.

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