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Annotation on the master dissertation of the student Kucheryavenko

Master's thesis Kucheryavenko I.O. under the guidance of assistant professor, Ph.D. Prokhorchuk A.V "Geophysical navigation system" contains 104 pages, 5 posters, 52 used source.

With the development of the navigation methods on the geophysical fields of the Earth sharply raises the question of improving the methods of navigation systems and algorithms, the mathematical apparatus of the modification, which is widely used for this purpose. The use of optimal methods for constructing the reference navigation map allows you to automate the process of extracting the necessary information (identification of navigational landmarks) methods of comparing images of the Earth's surface.

The successful solution of this problem requires the use of modern mathematical apparatus of the non-traditional tasks of navigation knowledge industries and ensure the implementation of algorithms in the automatic mode. It's can be:

* pre-processing of data about the values of geophysical field, which requires the use of construction techniques organized data structures;

* the selection of the useful signal from the values of the geophysical field;

* engaging methods of pattern recognition methods for constructing interpolation maps for identifying image elements on the templates directory.

The aim is to develop Geophysical navigation system in the magnetic field of the Earth, its algorithmic support of continuous maps of the magnetic field of the Earth's surface.

The object of research is geophysical navigation system. Subject of research ̶ algorithms for constructing the reference magnetic field maps, remote data paging methods to ensure continuous operation of the system.

An algorithm for constructing continuous maps of the magnetic field on the basis of interpolation improved the robustness of the image data in the lack of conditions, led off the speed of construction of maps based on structured digital data to reduce the mean square error data interpolation.

The proposed methods in the remote podskachki continuous real-time data helped to create a complete data communication system, there is a need in the construction of the navigation system. Based on the results of the magnetic field surface recording and processing bitmap images alignment problem has been solved.

The practical significance of scientific research and the results obtained is to create reference methods for constructing maps of physical fields of the Earth using remote sensing data obtained using UAVs and processing of digital filters and ensure the use of the information obtained in real time to solve navigation tasks.

Implementation of the results of practical importance, and form the basis for the development of continuous maps Magnin field, used for the formation of the software with respect to the interpolation tasks and data.

Test software module that was created during the work, allowed to explore a number of modified discrete data interpolation algorithms and show their effectiveness on the practical material. Application of the developed methods allowed to create a geophysical navigation system that works in real time.

According to the thesis topic published the following scientific papers in professional journals and abstracts at conferences:

1) A. Pikenin, A. Prokhorenko, I. Kucheryavenko // Information systems, mechanics and management, issue 10, "KPI" 2014, p.15-26.

2) Kucheryavenko I. Prokhorchuk A. "Selection of the optimal interpolation method to build reference maps geoficheskoy navigation system" / / Mechanics-technological systems and complexes, Issue 52, NTU "KHPI", 2016 p.65-71.

Keywords: geophysical navigation, magnetic field, interpolation methods, navigation landmarks, a continuous exchange of data.

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