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Annotation on the master dissertation of the student Sugak

Master's thesis Sugak D. V. under the guidance of assistant professor, Ph.D. Kolot A. V. "UAV Navigation support group" contains 95 pages, 5 posters, 48 sources used.

Modern development of aviation and technology in general has set a target implementation of the joint flight group of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Note the advantages of UAVs group compared to the use of UAVs:

• the possibility of setting different tasks to different members of the group

• gain in time (the main condition for people search tasks);

• more guarantees of the task;

• collective circled produces a great picture of the world;

• interaction between them helps to optimize the flight route based on the existing data of another UAV;

• increasing the number of strategies;

• the ability to create three-dimensional picture of the world;

• the ability to simultaneously survey a large area;

• the ability to adjust the plan and selecting the optimal route based on the existing neighboring UAV data.

For the operation of any UAV control systems need to know the coordinates of each of the UAV from the group, so the UAV navigation task group is relevant in our time.

The purpose of the master's thesis is to provide a method of navigating a group of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

The object of study is a group of unmanned aerial vehicles. Subject of research ̶ UAV navigation software group.

Jobs proposed navigation system is the acquisition of several assets, namely the definition of the coordinate UAV using mobile communication BS and the INS, as well as clarify the position in relation to other UAV drones in the group via radio beacons installed on each UAV for the group. It will be considered a case where all of the UAV in the group are in the same plane.

Based on the requirements for UAV use in the group, was described method of determining the distance to the other UAVs in the group, as well as compliance with the safety distances between them using beacons connected via Wi-Fi technology and often division multiplexing - FDMA, that allows you to organize flight groups of 13 UAV.

a new method of determining the coordinates of unmanned aerial vehicles have been proposed with the help of mobile communication base stations. A new method of safety distances between the UAVs in the group.

The proposed work methods can be used for navigation group drones.

The practical significance of scientific research and the results obtained is the reduction of the cost and simplify the UAV group using the developed system.

According to the thesis topic published the following scientific papers in professional journals and abstracts at conferences:

1) A. P. Marinoshenko, D. V. Sugak // Intelligence. Integration. Reliability, NTUU "KPI" 2014 year, p.23-26.

Keywords: navigation systems, base station positioning, UAV, beacon.

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