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Annotation on the master dissertation of the student Zaval’na

The problem of designing control systems for regulating facilities under uncertainty relates to the fundamental and pressing problems of the modern theory of automatic control.

Firstly typical are cases where there is no exact mathematical description of the object of control or a change its parameters unknown so widely in the operation.

Second, with the development of management theory there are new requirements for the systems developed.

Third, each process has its own characteristics, and automation as every year more and more complicated and there are new complex technical processes, the practice provides many new challenges. The purpose of the master's thesis is to achieve high accuracy control using adaptive regulator under the action of large disturbances.

Objectives: to develop a mathematical model of UAV for the synthesis and analysis of adaptive regulators; synthesis of adaptive stabilization laws in UAV flight path on route; calculation precision control UAV using synthesized laws; choosing the best regulator; test results using simulation and modeling of semi natural.

Subject of research: adaptive motion controller parameters unmanned aircraft. Research object: the management of unmanned aircraft flying in the face of uncertainty. The natural solution to the problem of automatic flight control under uncertainty based on the combination of H2 and H ∞- optimum appears unacceptable quoting strict requirements for management errors. Such problems can be solved through the use of algorithms adaptation. The novelty of the thesis is to use adaptive regulator, unlike the known algorithm can be operational even in the absence of information on the matrix state and determined that consistent evaluation of the model parameters and motion parameters of the plane can get the necessary quality control with fewer prior information . The research results can be used to create labs for course automatic control UAVs.

Keywords: automatic control, adaptive regulator, identification, simulation, motion parameters, discrete system, drone.

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