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Master's thesis on "Quadcopter automatic control system"

During the flight of an unmanned aerial multicopter vehicles, external disturbances may deflect the device from a predetermined position. Since the speed of the multicopter flight depends on the angular position, the decrease in the angle of deviation from the specified angle under the action of the external disturbance also reduces the deviation from the position position.

The relevance of the study lies in the fact that the synthesized control law makes it possible to change the response to an external disturbance and improve the controllability of the object under external disturbances.

The aim of the master's thesis is to solve the following problems:

  1. Obtain a mathematical model of the X-type quadcopter;
  2. Synthesize the angular position control;
  3. Develop an algorithm for ensuring the guaranteed accuracy for the angular position controller;
  4. Synthesize the regulator for the position position;
  5. Develop an algorithm for ensuring the guaranteed accuracy for the position controller;

The subject of the study is the automatic control system of a quadrocopter in the conditions of external disturbances.

The scientific novelty of the results obtained is as follows:

The guaranteed accuracy system allows you to change the response to external disturbances without changing the position of the system’s poles, which in turn ensures that the system does not go beyond the limits of stability.


Key words: quadrocopter, multicopter, automatic control system, guaranteed accuracy system.

Master thesis Matsiletska O. S. under the guidance of associate professor, Ph. D. of Prokhorchuk O. V. "Gyroscopic stabilizer for astronavigation system unmanned aerial vehicle" contains __ pages, __ posters, __ literature.

Today is the urgent task of improving the accuracy of managed gyrostabilizers operating in combined regimes of stabilization and control. Being assigned the task of stabilization and control of a number of special on-board systems: the antenna of the onboard radar, the sensing elements of the homing rockets, aircraft sights, cameras, direction finders, viziers, etc. Applications of such systems expand, however, growing requirements for accuracy of stabilization, the accuracy of determining of orientation parameters, minimization of weight, size, cost, energy, time, willingness and ability to integrate into a modern system of project management. The fulfilment of these requirements is complicated and actual scientific and technical task that needs to be addressed.

The task of developing a mathematical model of the stabilization system, consisting of a gyrostabilized platform and teleblock for astronavigation system unmanned aerial vehicle, which will help to estimate the errors stabilize when exposed to various external disturbances.

Object of a research is the gyrostabilized platform. Object of research: mathematical description of model of a gyrostabilizer. Novelty of the thesis: development of control algorithms of the gyrostabilized platform in the conditions of the indignant movement (for example, temperature, wind, vibrations) an unmanned aerial vehicle. Practical use of results can be included in educational and methodical literature (textbooks, education and methodical guidances, recommendations to accomplishment of term papers etc.), implementation at DACDS, or is used when writing a dissertation research (the received analytical dependences and numerical values can be useful to development and a research of similar systems).

Keywords: gyrostabilizer, dynamically tuned gyroscope, teleblock, stabilization system.

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