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Annotation to the degree project of the student Taranenko

Explanatory note to the master's thesis "Improving the accuracy and reliability of the navigation and orientation system of the highly-propelled UAV mini and micro" is 74 pages of text, 18 illustrations, 19 bibliographic references.

The purpose of the study (work) - To develop an observing device that will allow to determine the navigation parameters in the absence of a signal from the SNA of the harshly maneuverable UAV class mini and micro. (Increase the accuracy of navigation parameters).

The following methods are used: the extended Kalman filter, which models the spatial motion of the aircraft (rectilinear and lateral) and external influences.

Results: An algorithm of an observing device was proposed that would allow to determine navigational parameters in the absence of a signal from the SNA of a highly mobile UAV class mini and micro for solving agricultural problems. The algorithm, based on input data, such as: UAV motion equations, output data from on-board navigation systems, SNS data.

The developed algorithm can be used in other areas of UAV development, for example, in military aviation or for private purposes.


Keywords: UAV; Kalman filter; UAV class mini and micro;

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