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Head of Control Systems Department Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor; Member of Academy of  Technology Science, International Academy of  Navigation and Movements Control; Honors: State Prize of USSR, State Prize of Ukraine; Honors Professor of North-Western Polytechnic University, China and  North China Institute of Aerospace Engineering; Coordinator of international Programs TEMPUS, Erasmus; Publication: more than 350. Editor in a chief of scientific journals "Information Systems, Mechanics and Control" (ISSN 2219-3804), "Mechanics of Gyroscopic Systems" (ISSN 0203 - 3771); organizer of the International Scientific and Technical Conference "Gyro-Technologies, navigation, motion control and design of aerospace technic".

The topic of research

1. integrated navigation systems with technical vision; inertial sensors; undetermined external disturbances compensation in dynamic  control systems;

2. artificial intelligence algorithms for navigation and control systems;

3. dynamic and control of robotics and unman vehicles.  

A list of some publications

  1. Zbrutsky A.V. Navigation and orientation system with optical horizon sensor for mini UAV/ A.V. Zbrutsky, J.A. Malysheva, V.V. Burnashev // IEEE 3rd International Conference on Methods and Systems of Navigation and Motion Control (MSNMC),14-17October,2014.
  2. Zbrutsky A., Dovgopoly A., Nesterenklo O. Gyrocompasses for ship control. Kyiv-KPI - 2017.-220p.
  3. Zbrutsky A. Recalibration of  Block of Accelerometers of a Strapdown Inertial Navigation System Within Test Inclinations of an Object / Zbrutsky A., Chernyak  N.//20th St.-Petersburg International conference on integrated navigation systems.-2013.-P.130-134.
  1. Zbrutsky O.V., Maliarov S.P., Yankelevich G.E. Two-dimensional gyroscopic control systems with symmetry// Kyiv “Polytechnika” – 2019. -120p.
  2. Zbrutsky A. Robust controller for supersonic unmanned aerial vehicle/Burnashev V., Zbrutsky A.  // Aviation. – 2019. -  №23, P. 31-35.аviation.2019.10300.

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