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Speciality "Avionics"


173 Avionics 

Educational program

Control systems of aircrafts and complexes


Control systems of aircrafts and complexes

Form of training


Entrance examinations

Ukrainian language and literature - at least 100 points

Mathematics - at least 125 points on condition that physics or foreign language - at least 100 points

Physics or foreign language - at least 125 points on condition that Mathematics - have at least 100 points

Learning content

Students study methods and tools of design, production and maintenance of systems and sensors of control and navigation of mobile vehicles (airplanes, missiles, satellites, unmanned aerial vehicles, cars, ships); programming languages C, C++, Java, Assembler; CAE - systems Matlab, Mathcad, LabView, Autocad, SolidWorks. It allows to develop constructions and algorithms of automatic control systems and their sensors; to program microcontrollers; to calibrate sensors (gyros, accelerometres, etc.)

Career opportunities

Graduates work as researchers, design engineers and programmers in the companies of space-rocket and aviation branch, among which ANTONOV COMPANY, Research-and-production company "Kievpribor", Central design bureau of the "Arsenal" factory, STATE  KYIV DESIGN BUREAU “LUCH”, PJSC “KIEV “RADAR PLANT”, State joint-stock holding company "Artem", Boeing, Deutche Lufthansa AG, the Central school of Lyon, establishment of National academy of sciences of Ukraine, and also small enterprises in creation and maintenance of flight vehicles, radio-electronic engineering, automated systems and sensors, electronic cartography, etc

International programs of mobility

The program of students mobility with partner universities of Europe and China acts (more then 15 universities-partners). Students and post-graduate students havea trainingcapabilityin the european high schools,thanks to the EU educational projects: ERASMUS - EWENT and ERASMUS – ACTIVE, TEMPUS NETCENG. The program of double diploma with universities of EU which gives the chance to receive the diploma, real in Ukraine and in the European Union countries acts. 

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