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Continuous improvement of space technology requires training of highly skilled professionals with the latest knowledge in various fields of science and technology and have the skills to work independently. EU Tempus program aimed at modernization of higher education and the creation of a single educational space of Europe.

In 2009-2012. NTUU "KPI" took part in the project "Reform of the educational programs in the field of space technology in Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine" (CRIST) TEMPUS program, which was attended by Ukrainian universities (Dnipropetrovsk National University ofO. Gonchar, National technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute" National Aerospace University "Kharkiv Aviation Institute") and the universities of Kazakhstan, Russia, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. The main objective of the project CRIST was to develop and implement a modernized curriculum of higher education in the field of space technologies and promoting intensification of research in higher education institutions to improve the micro-spacecraft, which include micro- and nano-satellite. The use of such devices will accelerate, simplify and reduce the cost of carrying out scientific and technological experiments.

The development of unmanned aircraft systems is complex scientific and technical task. Today this issue is dedicated to many studies. The most common class of unmanned aircraft systems (WpAK) is the Man Portable UAS (transport weight 10 ... 15 kg, the size of the container 1x0,5x0,3 m), which include unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) take-off mass of 5 kg (class "micro" (μ) according to the international classification of UVS international). The logical development of this area were BpAK container start - to launch the UAV used shipping container, which is starter and UAV folded position. Start UAV comes directly from the container without performing assembly and debuggees operations, which significantly increases the performance of the complex.


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