• In connection with the situation with  coronavirus the meetings of the ACS department are held in the online mode "Conferences on the ZOOM platform".

Faculty of Aviation and Space Systems for research and innovation results of last year ranked among the highest in our university. A significant contribution is made by the Department of devices control systems aircraft, led by docent V.G. Lukomskyy. The department is integrated with scientific innovation, educational-methodical, international, organizational work and training specialists in modern technical specialties: 

- "Aviation and space-rocket equipment" (planes and helicopters) - Aerodynamics and automatic designing objects of aerospace engineering;

- "Avionics" (aircraft and aircraft complexes control systems) - Development of digital control systems, navigation and orientation of moving objects.


Main areas of research, which involved students are actively associated with the construction of small manned and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs); development and study of micro- and nano-satellites; development of adaptive and robust control system aircraft, integrated (inertial and satellite) navigation systems; creation algorithms using geographic information systems (GIS) for aircraft control tasks; development of navigation sensors and systems based on the latest physical principles; automation of designing and testing facilities of aviation and space technology; control and navigation systems based on machine vision (computer vision); robotics systems.

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